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Cockle Creek to Queenstown – A Historical Narrative

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Cockle Creek to Queenstown – A Historical Narrative

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Cockle Creek to Queenstown – A Historical Narrative

Cockle Creek to Queenstown – A Historical Narrative, interprets the Tasmanian landscape through a synthesis of visual images and history with Colonial and Parlevar (Tasmanian Aboriginal) references. The exhibition incorporates a combination of themes, such as the exploration by Europeans, the settlement of the island, the representation of Aboriginal language and places, the depiction of locations, illustrating the land and its histories, anecdotes handed down through generations and the relationship between the images and text.

The exhibition investigates the roles of text as visual metaphors and as written history and is a record of Tasmanian history, documenting a sense of place and chronicling the past. These narrative landscapes are not only a declaration of site but also about the passage of time. Tracing the journeys of early exploration, with the use of evocation, allegories, connections and repetition, the aim of this exhibition is to present an inventive and stimulating demonstration of contemporary painting practice with a historical perspective.

*This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania for the Minister for the Arts

*The artist acknowledges and respects the customs and traditions of the First Tasmanians

*The historical information for this exhibition is supplied by the artist from various sources. This information is not intended to be definitive but to merely act as a guide for the artwork