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The Almond Garden

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The Almond Garden


The Almond Garden

The Almond Garden is an interpretation of historic events connected to Campbell Town and incorporates a combination of visual images and history. The exhibition also explores the settlement of the area, the representation of Aboriginal language and places, the illustration of the land and its histories, and the relationship between the images and text.

The Almond Garden investigates several historical events and individuals such as:

  • The large almond garden planted at Meadowbank by John McLeod in 1827 and the extravagant ball he held where the road from Campbell Town was lit by hundreds of Chinese lanterns.
  • The first telephone call in the Southern Hemisphere made by Alfred Biggs in 1876 after he constructed his own telephone based on sketches by Alexander Bell.
  • The navigator, Harold Gatty, who with Wiley Post, a Native American Indian pilot, flew the “Winnie Mae” around the world in a record 8 days in 1931.
  • The viewing of the Transit of Venus in 1874 organised by Dr. William Valentine.
  • A market garden that was established by Chinese migrants in 1890s.
  • The Black Line organised by the Government In 1830 which was a notorious military operation against a small population of Palawa (Tasmanian Aborigines).

The Almond Garden investigates the roles of text as visual metaphors and as written history and are a record of Tasmanian history, documenting a sense of place and chronicling the past. Tracing the histories of early settlement, the aim of this exhibition is to present an inventive and stimulating demonstration of contemporary painting practice with a historical perspective.

*The historical information for the artwork is supplied by the Artist from various sources. This information is not definitive, it is to merely act as a guide for the artwork.

*The Artist acknowledges and respects the customs and traditions of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community.